INCREASING YOUR BREAST MILK with Indian Culinary Herbs

I was really excited to read about this study as I believe it can be very helpful to new moms who question whether they are producing adequate breast milk. In summary, breastfeeding mothers who took an herbal formula containing  ginger, turmeric, and fenugreek  saw an almost 50% increase in the quantity of breast milk produced after 2 weeks, and over a 100% increase in quantity after 4 weeks. These are remarkable increases which could be helpful if you (or someone you know) have concerns your baby is getting enough to eat.

Below is the published abstract and link to the study. You can cook with these herbs, or alternatively,  here is a link to products that you can combine to create a similar formulation: and  Please note that you will need to connect with me or another provider to order them here.


Background: Exclusive breastfeeding is the best way to accomplish optimal growth and health in infants. Low milk volume is a major problem that leads to nonexclusive breastfeeding.

Objective: This study aimed to examine the effects of mixed herbal supplementation, including fenugreek, ginger, and turmeric on human milk volume and nutrient content.

Methods: The study design was a randomized double-blind controlled trial. Fifty exclusively breastfeeding mothers were randomly divided into two groups. The herbal group (n = 25) received mixed herbal supplementation containing fenugreek, ginger, and turmeric, three capsules three times daily for 4 weeks. The control group (n = 25) took a placebo. Anthropometric and dietary data, blood pressure, heart rate, and blood and milk samples were collected at baseline and 4 weeks after the intervention. Milk volume was measured using a manual breast pump and recorded for 2 days at baseline, week 2, and week 4.

Results: Breastfeeding mothers receiving herbal supplementation had a 49% increase in milk volume at week 2 and a 103% increase at week 4. These increases were greater than mothers in the placebo group (p < 0.05). There was no difference in milk nutrient content for both groups. Moreover, there were no differences in adverse effects observed in the placebo and herbal groups.