Gestational Diabetes in Raleigh, NC

Women who are diagnosed with gestational diabetes are some of my best clients and I truly love working with them.

They have a very important reason for making sure their diet is the best it can be, and are highly motivated to adhere to a better way of nourishing themselves and their babies. They also see results of their efforts through improved blood glucose numbers, so they feel confident they are on the right track.

While making lifestyle changes following a "failed" oral glucose tolerance test will lead to a healthier baby and easier delivery, it is not necessary to wait until 24-28 weeks along to take action. I work with expectant mothers early in their pregnancies and help them better gauge their risk factors, as well as monitor for early signs for gestational diabetes. This creates a greater sense of confidence that they are doing their best to keep their blood glucose in a normal range and averting future problems.

I look forward to working with you if you feel you need guidance and support during this most important time in your life.