Living With PCOS Is Challenging

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Did you know that one in every 8 women is living with polycystic ovary syndrome? Despite that high percentage, it’s not talked about in the media very often. Many women are embarrassed to come forward or even to get diagnosed with PCOS because of the attendant symptoms.

A few common signs you might suffer from PCOS include adult acne, stubborn weight gain especially around your middle, unwanted hair growth, period irregularity, and fertility issues. If these sound familiar, you will want to meet with a gynecologist or your primary care physician for a medical evaluation.

If you do have PCOS, you’re far from alone. Women and Family Nutrition helps hundreds of women in Raleigh, North Carolina gain control of their lives while living with PCOS. Call our clinic in Raleigh NC today to learn how we help women living with this frustrating condition.

5 tips to help you deal with PCOS

5 tips to help you deal with PCOS

It’s a lot harder for women with PCOS to lose weight than it is for those without it. Fortunately, there are a few effective strategies for combating your symptoms. When you’re living with PCOS, you should:

  1. Meet with an experienced nutritionist. One who will analyze your current eating habits and develop a healthy and doable nutrition plan.
  2. Start exercising. Even if it’s just a walk, getting your body moving every day does wonders for your metabolism and can lower insulin levels which contribute to the symptoms of PCOS.
  3. Reduce your caffeine intake. Caffeine can increase your levels of stress hormones, activating the release of adrenal androgens, which isn’t helpful for women with PCOS.
  4. Engage in an activity that helps you reduce stress. This could be something like reading, yoga, gardening or just taking a hot bath.
  5. Network with other women dealing with the same condition who you can share your challenges and get helpful tips with. Our nutritionist has personal experience with this condition so she is very sensitive to each of her client's own experience. is also a great resource.

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