Staying Young and Active

The Journey to the Best You

Women 55 and older have a lot to embrace! More time for themselves, for their partners, and for lifelong passions and just having fun!

I can speak from experience, I am just turning 60 and am excited for what's ahead! I have taken up tennis, playing the guitar, and plan to do even more bicycling with family and friends. I want you to be excited about what's ahead for you too!

Make an appointment with me and learn how to nourish yourself to get in the "best health of your life." It is not about losing weight - although you may just find yourself getting to your goal weight without really trying - it's about taking care of every single part of your body and feeling fantastic.

Find out how you can reduce your risk for osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease, and all those other not-so-fun problems that you have (erroneously) heard are just a part of getting older. Make an appointment with Women and Family Nutrition in Raleigh and start feeling better today!